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Who can benefit from this:

What is Breathwork:

Conscious Breathwork is a safe and natural breathing techniques used principally as a psychotherapeutic tool to gain access to blocked experiences and emotions. It involves the individual doing a form of circular conscious breathing under the guidance of the Breathwork therapist.
Although different breathing techniques can be used within a Breath Healing session, I use Rebirthing as the primary method, which connects us with our subconscious mind- where our thoughts, beliefs and desires are stored.
This form of therapy is successful used to help with any issue, from depression, stress, anxiety, fears, to relationship challenges, and physical health improvements.
Breathwork is also used a process healing modality for an ongoing transformational process which helps us master our mind and body, eventually leading to self trust, confidence and enabling us to access our own inner wisdom for a joyful fulfilling life.
Breathwork activates and energetic flow within the body which gently “forces out” or helps release stuck negative emotions which are stored in the “cellular memory” of the body. As these emotions are integrated and the breathing and energy flow continues, the breather goes a level deeper and achieves states of joy, clarity and understanding about themselves or a specific issue they are dealing with. After a rebirth a person feels calm and liberated, often significantly changing the way they feel about themselves or a situation and experiencing a lasting personal transformation.
Breathwork Therapy heals on all levels – physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional – and when combined with Creative Psychology Counselling, it is a powerful tool for selfdevelopment.
This simple but also dynamic therapy teaches us to balance our lives and be in harmony with ourselves and our environment.

Benefits of Breathwork Therapy.

Correct breathing is the main basis for our good health.
Most people breathe just enough to survive. We breathe 24 hours a day, therefore, breathing is our main nutritional source and also the main way for us to cleanse. It is as important, or more, to breathe properly as it is to eat well.
Breathing is the only thing that keeps us alive, yet rarely do we pay attention to the quality of our breath, our life source!
Our physical and emotional health is directly related to the way we choose to breathe.
One of the major factors of stress and related illnesses is the practice of breathing incorrectly.

Poor breathing leads to:

Benefits of Proper Breathing:

Simple, relaxed and in harmony with life. No experience required.


“Deep breathing techniques increase oxygen to the cells and are the MOST important factors in living a disease-free and energetic life. When cells get enough oxygen, CANCER WILL NOT and CANNOT OCCUR.” Dr. Otto Warburg, President, Institute of Cell Physiology, (the only person to ever win the Nobel Prize for medicine TWICE and be nominated for a third)
Correct breathing reconnects the body to its NATURAL source of energy. While unblocking the respiratory mechanisms, it promotes quality sleep, increases oxygen to the body, blood stream ,organs and brain. Your body will release toxins accumulated from pollution, and chemicals from food, antibiotics, alcohol, medicine, etc. You will feel an immediate boost of energy and increased stamina. This process will help heal injuries and illnesses faster and aid in disease prevention.

What Can I expect in my 1st session

Whether you are experienced in holistic healing or it is your 1st time reaching out to an alternative solution to your challenges, in each session, we see the Person as NEW! This is because, in each moment of each day you change, you grow, and you are no longer the person you were moments ago.
Each session starts with a simple evaluation on what the priority issue is for your visit. Then a healing suggestion is made for the best therapy modality for that particular challenge which only proceeds if the client resonates with the suggested therapy process.


By committing to a 10 session package, you get extra 3 counselling sessions or Healing sessions as a gift. These sessions will be given as an extended part of the regular session. Payment in full, or in 2 payments ( half on the 1st session, the other half on the 4th session). Package valid for 6 months after payment. Not transferable.

Why commit to the Complete Program?

Each Rebirth session is a step in the unfolding of the body memory. During the unfolding process a person may go through a roller coaster of intense and passive experiences.
A 10 session commitment ensures that one is able to progress through all stages of the Rebirthing process. Without the commitment of the Full Program it is easy to give up when things seem too uncomfortable or to rationalise that nothing is happening during a passive stage. People tend to give up on themselves as soon as they feel progress, as the feelings of stress and fear have become so embedded in us that they seem more normal then feeling peaceful, free and happy.
Although the 10 session Full Program is recommended, you can benefit from just one or as many sessions as you wish.