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Play is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. It is necessary for a balanced emotional and psychological development.
By the age of five, a child starts loosing laughter. As children we laughed 400 times a day, by adulthood it is reduced to a shocking 15 times a day. What happened?
Children today have lost touch with playfulness. Electronic games and television are one reason. Another is the increased expectations we now have for our youngsters, which add stress in their lives at a much earlier age than before. They become too serious too fast, causing them too loose their ever- so- important child-like spirit. All these factors have contributed to a world wide increase in child violence, sex and crimes. Learning difficulties are also on the rise. As parents, teachers, educators, it is our responsibility to help the future generations learn how to cope with all aspects of life. Let’s help bring back the joys of childhood and add benefits through the beneficial and fun exercises Laughter Yoga has to offer.

What Laughter Yoga can offer to children

Sessions are specially tailored to different age groups: Elementary school children, pre-teens, and teenagers


A specialized workshop for school teachers, coaches, counselors, child psychologists, pediatricians, nurses, parents & caregivers.

In this workshop you will learn and practice techniques to facilitate Therapeutic Laughter for children/youth ages 3-15, thus enhancing their JOY and quality of life.

Stresses faced by children

  • Children whose natural energy is traditionally expressed in movement, laughter and play are being forced to sit still and concentrate for extended periods from an early age.
  • Studies show a huge leap in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Children with this disorder are extremely hyperactive and find it difficult to concentrate for even short periods. They act on impulse and often appear to have no sense of danger.
  • Children faced with a competitive academic environment from an early age are being pressured by their parents and teachers to attain excellent grades.
  • School work results in many symptoms of stress and high social anxiety.
  • The increase in broken homes and the consequent lack of emotional bonding and long-term relationships with parents or responsible adults combine to cause a host of emotional problems.
  • Working parents and the reduction of family size leaves children alone for long stretches of time, rather than in healthy group play.
  • Video games, television and internet have taken over the free and interactive play. High tech communication skills have eroded the fun of laughing at simple things.

Laughter Yoga in schools

Since 1998, Laughter Yoga has spread in schools across India. Positive feedback reports that students are energised, mental attitude improves, communication between students and staff improves, willingness to learn, innovation and creativity increase, disciplinary problems are reduced, and a gradual decrease in sickness and absenteeism is noted. According to teachers, there is a wonderful change in atmosphere at school. Many teachers say that it has made a meaningful change in their attitude and has re-energised them and re-motivated them in their profession.