Welcome to Joy Project, Cyprus.

Work with me one-to-one

Untangle your mind, heal your heart and rediscover the JOY in you!

Do you sometimes feel drained by people or situations in your life?
Do you feel ʻstuckʼ, do your challenges act as a dark cloud over your mood and your motivation to create your lifeʼs true desires?
Do you feel that joy is missing from your life experiences?
It may be that you feel disconnected or ʻdifferentʼ than most people around you, maybe misunderstood or not exactly belonging. You notice that your thoughts and emotions are not aligned with the person you really are. You may feel angry, depressed or uninspired, as if your soul is tired. But you are here reading this now, and that is because you have not given up.
Iʼve been there too! I know that sometimes all we need is a compassionate ear, understanding and support from a non-judging and experienced source. I am here for you, to help and guide you with ease, simplicity and joy.

Who can benefit from this:

In a session with me, you will find that I use various methodologies to work with you to best heal your priority challenges and achieve a sense of hope and peacefulness within you. As part of my work, I offer you intuitive counselling sessions, personal & spiritual development, Breathwork and practical mind/body exercises to help you work through the physical, emotional and psychological blocks related to your challenges.

"Home visits" can be arranged for people with limited mobility.

Online Therapy is a convenient modern day solution removing limitations of time, space and location, without compromising on the quality of help and support provided.

Now you can book a private session from the comfort of your home or office, anywhere in the world.
I will dedicate my full attention to your needs, as well as guide you through easy-to-use relaxation techniques to ground, balance and quiet your mind.

"Local and international" clients are welcome!

Extra support for my clients

In addition to our scheduled therapy meetings, mini sessions online or by phone can be booked for quick and easy access to me.
Sometimes when you are having a set-back or a rough day, a 15 minute connection call with me is all that is needed for a quick boost, a relief from stress and a re-focus to your center.