Welcome to Joy Project, Cyprus.

Are you an athlete or a sports team?

Let’s boost your performance and well-being!

As a Certified Breathwork Therapist & Coach, my priority is to help you correct and expand your breathing which is the most vital part of your performance, health and post-sport recovery.
In doing so, you will not only improve physically as an athlete, but it will aid you in increasing your mental wellness, confidence, clarity and focus.
You will gain the practice and have these important tools at hand to improve your mood and energy wherever and whenever needed, leading you to a successful fulfilment of your personal athletic goals.

If you are an Athletic Team, I can coach you in Breathwork and other wellness techniques to help you improve your skills, endurance and health.

I can offer great value to your training for pre-match boosts and post-match recovery.
In addition, the take-home factor of what my sessions offer is very beneficial, as each member of your team can use the knowledge and tools provided for continued self-improvement.
Itʼs a win-win for all!

How we can work together: