Welcome to Joy Project, Cyprus.

Energy Healing

Energy helping starts to an energetic assessment of the issues that are creating physical, emotional, and psychological challenges to you. In a healing session, different healing modalities are used to improve body, mind and soul.

What Can I expect in my 1st session

Whether you are experienced in holistic healing or it is your 1st time reaching out to an alternative solution to your challenges, in each session, we see the person as NEW! This is because, in each moment of each day you change, you grow, and you are no longer the person you were moments ago.
Each session starts with a simple evaluation on what the priority issue is for your visit. Then a healing suggestion is made for the best therapy modality for that particular challenge which only proceeds if the client resonates with the suggested therapy process.

We can work on:

Contact us for details on how Laughter Yoga can benefit you.